Sativa vs Indica

sativa vs indica marijuana strains

There are two main species of cannabis plants. Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. You will often hear people mention one of these strains when talking about marijuana. If you are wondering what the difference is between sativa vs indica plants, then this article will explain which one is which and how you can tell them apart.

People that smoke weed on a regular basis will be able to tell what the different marijuana strains do to you and what the mind altering effects of the plants are. Sativa and indica are just varieties of the cannabis plant.

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When trying to figure out which plant you have, its best to look at its leaves. Sativa cannabis plants will always be taller and skinny with thin leaves. You will know an indica plant when you see one. They are much shorter and quiet bushy in comparison. They also have very broad leaves.

Sativa cannabis plants

Sativa plants prefer the warm heat from outdoors and are native to warmer climates like that of Mexico, some parts of Asia and Central America. They also grow much taller than the typical indica plant. Usually between 2.5m – 3.5m high. In some cases, if the conditions are just right, they can reach up to 5metres high.

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Smoking sativa cannabis

Most users of this strain will use it during the day time. Usually it gives you energy with a strong cerebral feeling. If you are looking for a creative buzz that is uplifting, then this is the marijuana plant you should be looking at. The Sativa plants, however, has sweet, spicy and fruity odors and flavors (the smell in both species are created by terpenes in the plant)

How to grow sativa

Generally they are used to and thrive in warmer outdoor climates. You get the best yields out of them when grown outdoors. They are also known to take longer to flower and produce buds than the indica plants. Usually over a twelve to fourteen week flowering period. They also tent to change colour based on climate. In warmer environments they often have a reddish colour, while in cooler climates they can be purple.

Example of fully grown sativa vs indica plant below

indica vs sativa cannabis strains

Indica cannabis plants

The indica plants are much different to their sativa relatives. You can tell the difference between them by the broad and dense leaves the plant produces. They can also grow in much harsher climates. When compared to sativa, they are very short cannabis plants. Don’t let their stubby appearance fool you though, these plants produce the most resin.

Indica plants come from the colder Kush Mountains. They are built to handle the cold climate and rougher conditions. One of the adaptions it developed from the cold climate was resin production. It produces a much thicker cannabinoid resin which it uses to protect itself. Indica plants have a naturally high level of THC and are often very potent marijuana plants.

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Smoking indica cannabis

A good way to look at it. If the high you get off a sativa is like drinking a strong cup of coffee then the high you get off an indica plant is like a sleeping pill. Its more of what you would call a couch lock marijuana.

This plant is perfect for those who battle to sleep and suffer from insomnia. Smokers of this plant feel more tired or sleepy. Its almost like a mental relaxant. It also makes you want to eat more. They also have a distinct skunky smell.

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How to grow indica

Many indoor marijuana growers prefer using this for indoor grows. Its mainly because of their short stature and how easy it is to grow and produce large yields.

They usually grow between 1m and 2m tall which fit nicely into a grow room or tent. Also, they have a reasonably short flower time of 8 to 9 weeks. They often sport a deep purple colour.

Hybrid marijuana plants

Another thing to be aware of are hybrid plants. This happens when you cross-breed the indica and sativa plant. This has actually lead to some pretty wild and very strong marijuana strains.