Pure Power Plant Cannabis Strain

Pure power plant

The pure power plant is a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis plant. The sativa in the plant gives you a boost of energy and feels like it energizes your mind as well as your body. It’s been known to bring on creative thinking with an intensely powerful cerebral high that comes on strong and fast. Its one of those plants that make you feel good when you smoke it and can even put you in a much better mood.

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This hybrid cannabis plant was created from a South African sativa and a fat indica from USA. Pure Power Plant is a 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid that was created in the 90’s.


The effects of pure power plant

If you are a first time smoker or new to smoking then don’t smoke too much. This is a powerful and very potent marijuana strain. It almost feels like you are rushing in the cerebral high that hits you fast and strong.

The head high that comes with smoking this marijuana strain has to be one of the best. Feels like you are more focused and surprisingly clear headed. It can also make you feel very happy with a euphoria effect.

If you use too much of this cannabis plant then it could give you couch lock stone instead of an energized stone. The indica side of the plant can give you a feeling of relaxation as well.


The pure power plant has a naturally pleasing smell with hints of citrus, wood and vanilla. This plant does not have a very powerful smell.

Taste and Flavour

It does have a skunky sort of taste. Nothing to hectic though with a nice blend of vanilla and sweet citrus. Delicious tasting marijuana plant that is full of flavour.

The medical benefits of pure power plant

This is a plant that the medical marijuana users will make good use of. Pure power plant is good for stress and anxiety disorders. There is a feeling of relaxation as its sedative properties begin to kick in. It also works very well for those who suffer from chronic pain and headaches. Muscle spasms and the discomfort associated with it can also be relieved using the pure power plant.

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Some cannabis users have reported feeling sleepy after using pure power plant. This is the indica mix in the plants genetics. Usually happens when you smoke too much of it.

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