Harlequin Cannabis Strain

harlequin cannabis strain

Throughout the last few years, the medical marijuana industry has been looking for strains that are very high in CBD as well as THC. Two of the most well-known CBD or Cannabidiol medical strains are the Harlequin cannabis strain and Charlotte’s Web.

The cannabis strain Harlequin normally has a CBD/THC ratio of around 5:2. For those who suffer from symptoms such as chronic neuropathic pain or epilepsy may find this strain to their liking. The Harlequin marijuana strain doesn’t come with the same psychoactive effects of a strain that is high in THC. Basically meaning it won’t get you as high but very good for treating symptoms and conditions.


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Great choice for new smokers

A strain like this could be considered a great choice for a new smoker or just about any person who wants to take advantage of the cannabis healing properties but doesn’t want the extreme high associate with high THC strains.

This strain is perfect for people who get THC toxicity which causes a number of problems for a first time user. These problems include dizziness, vomiting and may even cause paranoia or a panic attack. The high CBD levels in the Harlequin strain can prevent these symptoms from occurring. In a way it neutralizes cannabis THC toxicity.

Harlequin treats the symptoms below:

  • Pain
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

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Harlequin Cannabis Strain Genetics

Taking a look at the harlequin genetics. It a hybrid cannabis strain which is sativa dominant. Harlequin is approximately 75% sativa. It was bred from 4 different marijuana strains. Three of them were sativa and the other indica. The four strains listed below:

  1. Colombian Gold male
  2. Thai
  3. Swiss landrace
  4. Nepal indica

Originally the breeder intended using Harlequin for making hash but this strain has become very popular with medical users. It’s the perfect strain for people who suffer from chronic pain and epilepsy.

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Harlequin Taste/ Aroma

Harlequin has deep and rich smoke. Almost like that of hash. This makes a lot of sense knowing what this cannabis strain was bred for. It smells like a mixture of mint and tropical fruit. When consuming harlequin there a floral tones with mangoes and hints of peppermint.

Effects of Harlequin once ingested:

  • Relax
  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Cotton Mouth

Harlequin Cannabis Strain Medicating Effect

This cannabis strain is good for a number of symptoms and causes. It comes with a lovely cerebral feeling which is very uplifting. Its also relaxing enough to treat chronic pain conditions. There are a number of medical patients that have said Harlequin has helped get them off pharmaceutical medicines like Xanax and klonopin. These patients are usually suffers of anxiety and panic attacks.

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Growth in high CBD strains of cannabis

Moving forward we will continue to see the growth in high CBD strains of cannabis. They deal with a wide variety of medical conditions. Harlequin is a perfect example medicinal cannabis. Lately, with all the testing being done on cannabis for its healing properties, we should find a wide range of new therapeutic cannabinoids which we never knew about.