Grow Tents

For some people, growing weed indoors is harder than growing outdoors. This is mainly because plants are used to growing outside. They adapt to the climate. When growing in indoor grow tents, you have to create and maintain the environment. This makes it quite a bit harder.


High-Quality Indoor Grow Tents

To be successful in creating an indoor environment, you should always use a high quality grow tent. One that is well designed and suited to grow indoors. Below are some of the environmental things you will need to take into consideration when planning to grow indoors.

  • Humidity
  • Light schedule
  • Light intensity
  • Proper air circulation
  • New air is being introduced

Once you have had a bit of experience with Planted Roots, you will get used to controlling the environment. Using a grow tent that has been specifically designed for indoor gardens is important. It makes it easier to get the conditions right in the tent.

Benefits of using a grow tent

  • Energy efficient with reflective sides
  • They are easy to setup
  • Separate growing phases
  • They are portable
  • More privacy than growing outdoors
  • Great for all kinds of lights
  • You can introduce CO2 into the environment

What size grow tent will you need?

Depending on the kind of grow lights you have or want to use, height may be a factor. It’s not uncommon to hang certain lights close to 2 feet above your plants. The reason this is done is because of the light intensity. Plants get damaged if the light is too intense for them. So depending on the light, you might need more height. Factor that in when selecting a new indoor grow tent in South Africa.

Another type of light that can be used are fluorescent lights. If you decide to use these lights, height is not too much of an issue. They can be much closer to your plants. Nowhere near as intense as HID or LED. Therefore, height is not too much of a problem.

If you are a new cannabis grower then the best advice would be to watch your grow tent height. A 1.8m high grow tent might seem too big to start with but there are many factors to consider.

  • Plant height
  • Grow media height
  • The hanging distance of your grow light
  • The distance of light from plants

Take a look at some of the available grow tents below:

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