What is CBD or Cannabidiol?

what is CBD or cannabidiol

CBD which is also known as cannabidiol has been causing a bit of an argument when it comes to using cannabis for medical purposes. Everyone who smokes weed will tell you about the chemical know as THC. This is the ingredient in a cannabis plant that gets you high.

Lately, the chemical known as CBD or cannabidiol has been causing a huge ruckus in the marijuana industry. Most doctors still can’t look past the fact the THC of a cannabis plant gets you high. They can’t deny the medical benefits of the cannabidiol found in the plant though and its popularity continues to grow between the medical users.

5 things to know about CBD

Below is a list of 5 of the benefits you can get from the use of the CBD compound found in cannabis plants and how they can affect you.

  1. It is a key ingredient in cannabis

The cannabis plant has over 60 different compounds in it that belong to the cannabinoid class. CBD or cannabidiol is one of them. THC and CBD are the most studied of these compounds and are always present in high concentrations.

They also come in different levels depending on the genetics of the cannabis plant that was grown. Often, cannabis that recreational smokers or users get, will have more THC than CBD.

Breeders of marijuana and discovered ways to create varieties of cannabis strains that are high in CBD instead of THC. This is perfect for the medical users of the plant. These kind of strains are becoming more popular by the day.

  1. CBD is non-psychoactive

Since people prefer taking medicine with as little side effects as possible, CBD is a good choice for most needing medical help. One the other hand the recreational users of cannabis will not enjoy it because it does not get you high.

Is it psychoactive? It is not psychoactive. This is because it does not function the same way that the THC in the plant does. There receptors in your brain called CB1 receptors. They control the mind-altering effects that THC can present. Studies that have been done on CBD have concluded that it is safe even at high doses.

Source: Current Drug Safety

  1. Medical benefits of cannabidiol

THC and CBD seem to share a lot of the same medical benefits. Even though they act differently when used. This review was done by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology in 2013.

Source: British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Unfortunately, there are very few studies that have been carried out on human patients. Most of the findings come from animal studies.

A pharmaceutical company in the UK has recently created a version of CBD in their lab that they are using to treat schizophrenia and a few types of epilepsy. They are funding the clinical trials.

Another team of doctors and researchers at California Pacific Medical Center, led by Dr. Sean McAllister, say they want to start trials soon on CBD as a treatment for breast cancer.

  1. CBD reduces the negative effects of THC

Many of the studies that have been done on it say that it reduces the intoxicated effects THC. It offers a protection against the high that cannabis would normally give you. These effects range from memory impairment right through to the paranoid effects that come from THC.

The studies that have been done on both CBD and THC show that both the compounds have no lethal risk of overdosing. If you want to reduce the side effects of THC you should be using medical cannabis with higher CBD levels.

  1. Its still illegal

Its sad to see that even though there are so many different medical benefits to using marijuana in the form of CBD, that the healing plant still remains illegal in most countries around the world.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has made it very clear that under federal law marijuana-based extract is still a schedule 1 drug. This includes oils and other types of marijuana extracts.

Source: U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has decided to approve the request to test a pharmaceutical version on children with different and rare types of epilepsy. The medicine is called Epidiolex and has been created by GW Pharmaceuticals.

Source: GW Pharmaceuticals

According to them, this medicine has more than 98% CBD present. It also has zero THC and quantities of a few other cannabinoids. GW pharmaceuticals have also created another marijuana based medicine called Sativex. It treats multiple sclerosis and has already been approved in over 24 countries around the world.