What are Cannabinoids?

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Its quite ironic to think that a plant like marijuana that most people associate with criminal and dangerous behaviour, has been providing a huge amount relief for a number of different medical conditions and symptoms. Cannabis comes in a variety of different strains that have medicinal properties. This article will be covering cannabinoids and how the use of marijuana can affect the body and brain.

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What are Cannabinoids?

One word that every medical cannabis user should know is cannabinoid. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD come from marijuana plants. It’s these properties that are used to treat medical marijuana patients. They come from cannabis flowers or buds and are used to treat a wide variety of symptoms which include nausea, pain, anxiety and even inflammation.

How do cannabinoids work?

The cannabinoids enter your system and begin to imitate a compound that our bodies naturally make called endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids will activate when in your system and are used to maintain your internal stability and health.

To put it simply, they are like the mediators between our cells. If we happen to get a deficiency problem or something goes wrong with our endocannabinoid system then it could lead to complications or unpleasant symptoms.

When we consume cannabis, the cannabinois find spots within our brain receptors to bind themselves too. These receptors are called CB-1 and CB-2. The cannabinoinds can affect you differently depending on which receptors in your brain they bind with.

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For example:

The THC that you ingest will bind to the receptors that are in your brain. The cannabinol or CBN will more than likely look for receptors that can be found throughout your body. Depending on the different genetics of your cannabis plant, your will be able to achieve different kinds of relief for symptoms you might have.

Synthesized cannabinoids

This are what makes cannabis so great as a medicine. They are now being synthesized in labs and are being used for legal prescriptions. Certain medicines already have cannabinoids in them. These medicines include Nabilone, Marinol and Rimonabant. These synthetic forms of cannabinoids are very effective but cannabis in its herbal form provides a far wider therapeutic value.

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85 different types of cannabinoids

So far, cannabis has been known to contain as many as 85 different types of cannabinoids. Most of them contain medical value. Furthermore, breeders have been playing around with the genetic of marijuana plants to deliver bigger doses of certain cannabinoids depending on what you are suffering from.