Mistakes New Cannabis Users Can Avoid

5 Mistakes New Marijuana Users Should Avoid

Sometimes getting high at the wrong place or at the wrong time doesn’t help your situation. This is a list of the most common situations that new marijuana users should avoid. Mistakes like these when smoking could completely put you off smoking for life. So we going to try and educate you here if you are new to smoking weed.

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  1. Panic attack from overindulgence

Some people consume cannabis to help relieve anxiety. There are many cases where anxiety is caused because of smoking weed. Basically you can have too much too quickly and get paranoid. This is especially true if you are a new marijuana users. The trick is you need to ease into cannabis use. Have a few drags or puffs then wait a while for it to kick in. Let your body get used to being stoned before consume too much too fast.

When you smoke too much weed too fast you can end up having a panic attack or extreme anxiety. One bad cannabis experience and it could change your view on getting stoned permanently. You will never partake again.

Here’s a tip: no matter what you are smoking or possibly vaping, just take one small hit and wait a few minutes to see how it goes. Wait for the cannabis to kick in properly, then decide if you want another hit. This is also something to remember when you are smoking a new strain for the first time. It might be quite a bit stronger than the usual weed you get.

When consuming edibles with marijuana in, make sure you take very small doses at a time. It takes a much longer for consumables to kick in that smoking or vaping it. A good recommended starting dose is around ten milligrams. If you know you get anxiety then you should definitely consider using half of that dosage to begin with. Wait for 2 hours after you have consumed a small dose and then decide if you want to eat more.

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  1. Trying the wrong strain or not trying enough strains

This is important for medical patients. Many people will try using cannabis once and when they don’t get the result they want right away, they don’t try it again. What they don’t realize is different strains affect you in different ways.

You should experiment with a few different strains to see which one helps your condition. Do your homework online and find out what the different cannabis strains can do for you and how you can use them to treat certain medical conditions.

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  1. High expectations from new marijuana users

Personally, the whole marijuana experience has been amazing for me. I have tried many different pharmaceutical drugs before trying cannabis. My expectations were not too high. The thing is for most medical conditions cannabis is not a cure. We told to think of marijuana as an ongoing medical treatment.

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  1. Not properly preparing for side effects

This one makes me laugh. Classic rookie error. Don’t smoke marijuana for the very first time and then take your child to another kid’s birthday party. Things could get ugly fast if you are a new marijuana users and you could end up eating all of the cake. What first time users sometimes forget is that cannabis has a few side effects.

Take some time to get used to the side effects. In the very beginning you will get extremely high, so make sure you have planned your day accordingly. After a while your body begins to build up a tolerance to cannabis and the side effects will mostly fade away.

What you should do is clear your schedule one evening, then try it and relax. Make sure you don’t have anything serious going on so you can experience it properly. Don’t forget to take it slow.

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  1. Not properly storing weed and or educating your family

This is a difficult one and new marijuana users might struggle with it at first. You think of marijuana as medication and might not see any reason to put it away when people or your kids are around. You should always lock up your medication especially if your kids are teenagers. Their minds haven’t fully developed yet and you don’t want them smoking marijuana at such a young age.