Reasons to Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis

Reasons to Consider Growing Your Own Cannabis

In the last few years growing your own cannabis has come a long way. More countries around the world have been legalizing the healing herb and allowing for cultivation. If marijuana is legal where you live then you should consider a small home grow as a hobby. Here are five reasons why you should grow your own cannabis at home.

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Because You Can: Depending in which country you live

As long as you meet the requirements of the country you live in, you a free to grow cannabis. Some countries even allow you to collect what’s called “legal genetics”. This is where you can legally obtain cannabis seeds or even clones for home cultivation. Make sure to check the laws of the country your are in before you attempt to grow.

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Growing Your Own Cannabis – Control Is in Your Hands

There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own cannabis at home. You can become a master cultivator in your spare time. Doing this will give you complete control of the marijuana you consume at home. There are so many different ways to grow cannabis so finding a way that suites you can be very rewarding.

You can cultivate marijuana:

  1. Organically
  2. Hydroponically
  3. Soil containers
  4. Raised beds

Choose one of the cultivation methods and begin to plan your grow. There is a method of cultivation that im sure everyone could enjoy.

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Growing Organic Cannabis at Home

When you have decided that you want to give growing at home a try you realize that it provides you with a great opportunity to grow into your own cultivation style and discover what works best for you. You also know exactly what has gone into the marijuana you have grown at home.

Most people prefer their cannabis without pesticides and fungicides but you never really know what’s gone into the cannabis you are smoking unless you grow it yourself.

This is especially true with medical marijuana. Patients might be allergic to certain pesticides and it could do them harm. That is why the new home growing laws coming into place around the world puts patients in the position to grow their own medicine and taking control of the grow at home.

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Growing Is a Rewarding Hobby

Growing your own cannabis is an exciting hobby. Who knows, you might end up enjoying it so much that you start to grow more than just marijuana at home. You may find that you do indeed have a green thumb. Horticulture can be addictive.

The whole process of growing is extremely satisfying. You can apply the same principals of growing marijuana can also be used when growing vegetables and other plants at home. You will develop a range of new cultivation skills.

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You’ll Save Money Over Time

There is an initial cost to setup a small home grow but depending on your budget you can get started for pretty cheap. If you invest a bit into your grow you will find that investment will probably pay itself off after the first harvest. You can also expand or upgrade your grow area with the savings you have from growing your own at home.

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Costs of Growing Cannabis at Home vs. Buying Bud

As mentioned above there will be some start-up capital needed to start your own grow. Once you have the grow space sorted out there is very little to continue buying. You biggest expense will be the electricity bill. This is where you begin to save money. Buying weed elsewhere can become very expensive very fast depending on where you buy your cannabis from.

Learning to Grow at Home Is Easy

There has never been a better time to start growing at home than right now. With more countries around the world legalizing cannabis there are so many different products and growing equipment for home growers to buy.

The quality of educational content on the web is increasing every day. You can basically learn from other peoples mistakes and become more successful growing in a shorter period of time. This educational growing information will only get bigger as more people begin to grow.

Remember the days of searching online for hours trying to find some grow tips or what products and equipment works best? While those days are gone. There is a wealth of free information available on Google and YouTube for you to watch and begin you indoor grow. There are some exciting times ahead for marijuana enthusiasts throughout the world.